Summerschool of diving and diving medicine



Dear friends all over the world,

we are happy and proud to present you our 3rd Summer School of Diving & Diving Medicine! Our main idea is to give you the unity of knowledge, once in a lifetime experience, friendship and fun!  We gave our best and we think you'll love it!

The main theme of the summer school is diving medicine, so you'll get the chance to confront face to face with the real diving experience supervised by the professional trainers from  „Geronimo Dive Club“, Zagreb, Croatia. This means EVERY DAY you'd go DIVING :)

Once you finish the course, you'll have a certificate of passed 1st level scored by world accepted CMAS standards in your pocket! This means that you can dive all around the world to the depth of 20 meters, and that's really great, isn't it?

Of course, that's just a part of the Summer school! We have also prepared many interesting lectures about diving and diving medicine that will be given by well known teachers from our University and some interesting guest lectures.

Every day you'll get a chance to improve your English language skills by meeting new and interesting people from all around the world!

We will surprise you every day/night with some interesting events including beach parties, excursions and boat trip!

You'll enjoy in accommodation, delicious traditional food and warm hospitality of domestic people!

And, you'll get the opportunity to enjoy in one of the most beautiful seaside with the most clean sea in Europe (if you don't believe us, check photos!)

So, after this short introduction, we certainly hope that you will decide to give us of your trust and come to Karlobag, Croatia!

Hope to see you on the beautiful Croatian seaside where learning, fun and the best 9 days of your life are waiting for you!


Until 15.06. : 490 €

Until 01.07. : 530 €


-8 nights in hotel Velinac (link: in a lovely town Karlobag on the coast of Croatia. Hotel is located 5 meters from the sea. 

- Every day diving

- Diving equipment

- 3 meals per day

- International diving certificate CMAS (link:

- Lectures by leading experts in the field of diving medicine and sport nutrition

- Books, CDs and other studying material

- Welcoming gift

-Social activities such as beach parties, boat trip,- excursion and sightseeing

- Opening & closing ceremony

- Health and accident insurance for diving (NOT TRAVEL!)

What is not covered:

- travel costs

  1. -pocket money

Please let us know if we can help answer any further question :) or